karis jones

an award-winning Senior Editor and Producer

Karis is an award-winning Senior Editor and Producer currently working for Honeypot Creative and supporting clients she has built up for over 30 years. 

Equipped with the latest hi-spec edit suites accommodating Premiere Pro she is available for productions in all genres including drone filming; ensuring a high quality whatever the budget. 

Confident organisational, inter-personal, teaching and problem solving skills together with a sound appreciation of good communications make Karis the ideal producer, director and editor to work with.  Her adaptable, versatile, self-motivated approach to the requirements of any new project steers the most challenging of films through post-production. 

A qualified sound engineer, Karis also produces the multi award-winning Geordie Hour radio show which goes out on Radio Tyneside 93.6 FM, and two other stations, worldwide on the Internet, and around every hospital in The North East. When producing films she insists that sound is every bit as important as what’s seen on the screen.
To contact me please fill out the form below or email me at info@karisjones.co.uk 
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